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Assistant Producer | Field Director | Drone Cinematography

"A good story can make a world of a difference"



Originally from Germany, I moved to Canada in 2013 to pursue my studies in biology. I graduated with a degree specialization in Ecology/Animal Behaviour and completed my research thesis on marine mammals under the supervision of world-renown scientists Dr. John Ford and Dr. Jane Watson.

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Marine Biologist

I then started my career as a marine biologist, spending summers on research vessels between Alaska and British Columbia - working with whale and dolphin species of the Pacific Northwest. In 2018, I was a major part of "PRISMM", Canada's largest marine mammal survey on the west coast yet.

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Wildlife Filmmaker

Using my education and experience in the field, I now work as a natural history filmmaker. And although I'm home in production, I have a never-ending passion to bring stories alive while working in the field - I'm as comfortable  in tropical rainforests as I am in a small tent somewhere in the mountains.

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I believe wildlife filmmaking has the powerful ability to fascinate and reconnect us with the natural world - something dearly needed given the current state of our planet, and where it's heading. I hope this way I can do my part and contribute to a planet on which we can all develop in a sustainable way.

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Location: Vancouver, BC


Phone: +1 (236) 992-9192

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, please don't hesitate to shoot me a message! If you are in the area, I'm usually super happy to just meet up and talk as well!

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